The Best Thing Since Retargeting?

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The advertising world is in love with Facebook’s advertising platform Facebook Exchange (FBX). The up-and-comer in the ad world made it easy to target specific self-selected demographics by age, geography, education, etc. delivering a powerful punch per dollar on an accepted platform.

But it’s still not the clear winner in all categories – clickthrough rates in web ads and cost-per-uniques were still dominated by web ads over Facebook to the tune of 40.18% and 86% respectively, according to AdRoll, one of the first partners brought into FBX.

Only a few years ago retargeting, the tracking of banner viewers throughout various sites, whether an “expensive” or “cheap” property drove prices down to $3 CPM, while still serving the same demographics.  But Facebook, the new kid on the block, changed the landscape in those metrics even further.

Facebook’s sea-change came in relation to cost per thousand impressions (CPMs) and cost-per-click (CPCs) which were 82% and 70% lower, respectively.

Perhaps best of all, and something you may have suspected, the best ROI may be for advertisers to market both through traditional retargeting and FBX – 8.3% of advertiser’s total audience was retargeted on both platforms – maximizing returns on both fronts.

What kind of results have you had mixing in social network advertising into your web campaigns?


Jim Porçarelli
Jim is responsible for leading the company’s global strategic initiatives and he chairs the Executive Leadership Team. Jim brings 25 years strategic marketing and advertising experience to Active. Prior to joining the company in 2006, he was COO and Chief Client Officer at MediaCom (WPP) he was part of the core team that created MediaCom in the US and drove annual billings to $4.5 billion.

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