Co-viewing Helps a Brand Survive Without its Original Platform

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Marketers of cereal, toys and other kids related products discovered the value of co-viewing (kids watching TV with moms) years ago. But the premise still holds true today. The network, Discovery Kids TV, disappeared in 2010 but Discovery Kids-branded products still abound and a new marketing campaign was launched at the end of 2012 to promote them. These educational and fun Discovery branded products are sold in major retailers such as Wal-Mart, Target and Walgreens. So why not tie these toys to another Discovery Communications networks brand that attracts the same target market left open from the Discovery Kids TV channel?

To help engage kids with the brand, Discovery Communications is tapping into one of its most popular mainstream, and originally adult-oriented, brands – Mythbusters. In the third quarter of 2012, 53% of kids ages 6-11 watched “MythBusters,” frequently with an adult – a prime co-viewing program. This cross-segment popularity supports product sales by moving the love of discovery and pre-existing curiosity, in both the child and adult, from the couch to the workshop (whether that’s the garage, backyard or kitchen table). The message has merit for both targets.

Discovery Communications networks saw an opportunity to promote products through the Mythbusters’ theme of science and wonder. This co-viewing translation could continue through other Discovery Networks that appeal to the same demographic, i.e., Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, and TLC. In addition to the TV marketing campaign, a print campaign, and sweepstakes are also in the works.

In this marketing-activated world, it isn’t surprising that branded products can stand alone and be sold through other channels even when the original platform is defunct. Once again we see the value and power of a strong brand.

What other products have you seen live on long after the brand disappeared?


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