How Color Influences Your Brand

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Everyone knows color is a key factor in everything from package design to the company cafeteria to your living room. You’ve probably heard that blue is the most commonly used color in corporate America, and there’s a reason why – it’s typically associated with intelligence and stability.

How do you determine which colors make the most sense for your brand? Turns out it’s a mix of science and psychology. Check out this blog post from buffer which shows how color plays a key role in marketing.


Elysa Gonzalez
Elysa is responsible for Active’s brand and U.S. marketing activities, including strategy, marketing communications, web, advertising, PR and sponsorships. Joining the company as Vice President of Marketing in 2003, Elysa was promoted to Senior Vice President in 2006. Before Active, she was Vice President, Manager of Internet Strategy at Bernstein Global Wealth Management.

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