Liquidation vs. Corporate Trade – Pros and Cons of Each

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Everyone in the retail sales chain – Retailers, manufacturers, consumers – each have their own set of business needs.

  • Am I getting the best value for my product (or inventory)?
  • How do I balance clearing space in my warehouses (or on store shelves) with getting the best price for the product?
  • At what point am I getting diminishing returns on an earlier generation of product by keeping it on store shelves?
  • How do I manage short term versus longer term goals

Kevin Farkas, EVP of Sales & Business Development at Active International, recently shared his insights in an article for Chain Store Age detailing the pros and cons of liquidation vs. corporate trade.  If you’re wondering yourself, take a look at the full piece here.

What have your own experiences with liquidation and corporate trade been?


Active Staff
Active International helps the world’s leading brands use corporate assets to fund media, marketing initiatives and path to purchase programs that increase consumer engagement and loyalty. As the global leader in corporate trade, Active has provided its clients with $1.5 billion in economic benefit since 1984. The company is based in New York and has offices in 14 countries.

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