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Advertising Age recently published a spot-on piece that discussed how millennials consume media in a manner vastly different from their parents and of baby-boomer marketers. Whether it’s time connected to devices or just plain disinterest in the media their parents grew up watching, the take-away is that marketers of a certain generation need to go all-in to understand the best way to reach this market of 105 million buyers.

It may be daunting but it can’t be delegated or deferred if marketers want to align their brand with this next generation consumer.


Elysa Gonzalez
Elysa is responsible for Active’s brand and U.S. marketing activities, including strategy, marketing communications, web, advertising, PR and sponsorships. Joining the company as Vice President of Marketing in 2003, Elysa was promoted to Senior Vice President in 2006. Before Active, she was Vice President, Manager of Internet Strategy at Bernstein Global Wealth Management.

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