From Tactics to Strategy: IMAN Cosmetics

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When IMAN Cosmetics first approached Active International over five years ago, they had a relatively simple issue – too much product of a brand that was being discontinued. Initially, it seemed that there was an obvious, although not ideal, solution – dispose of the product and take the loss. Then they were referred to Active by a business associate and were introduced to the benefits of corporate trade.

As Desiree Reid, General Manager/SVP Brand Development Manager for IMAN Cosmetics describes it, since that initial deal, they’ve built a relationship with Active to stretch their marketing dollars while partnering with the team on strategic planning, media and general media counseling.

“We now consult with our Active account manager and her team whenever we embark on a new marketing program; we present our business objectives and we both come to the table with ideas. Their team has insights and relationships for nearly all types of situations and platforms – rich online media, blogger campaigns, print, mobile, pop-up stores and so on. If they don’t have an arrangement with a particular service provider we are working with, they’re more than happy to join our conversation and help establish that relationship.”

With their current media arrangement, IMAN Cosmetics is able to extend the possibility of audience impressions by keeping campaigns active longer. They’re also able to tap into sector-wide demographic information and engage more broadly with consumers.

For those considering corporate trade, Reid recommends first having a good plan on how to use the trade credits. Further, she suggests looking beyond media to the other business service options.

“I involve Active International from the beginning of every marketing campaign. They know the business and are top-notch strategic thinkers. The end result is that after we’ve discussed where our business is going next, they’ll always come back to me with a strategic and workable plan of action. I love having them as part of my team.”


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