CMOs and CFOs: Perceptions and Attitudes about Alignment

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Yesterday, we unveiled our first-ever CMO-CFO research survey at the Association of National Advertiser’s annual Advertising and Financial Management Conference. With independent market research firm Market Measurement, we polled a random sampling of 100 CMOs and 100 CFOs about their working relationships. The companies in the survey all pulled in revenues over $100 million and represented a mix of industries throughout the U.S., many with global operations.

CMOs & CFOs: Collision or Collaboration

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As marketing becomes more of a data-driven science and less focused on the artistry of creating a brand’s image, while CFOs responsibilities expand, we wanted to know how closely CFOs and CMOs believed they were aligned and what effect this alignment (or lack thereof) had on how they worked together and repercussions for the bottom line. While we had the attention of these folks, we also asked some other questions related to their business operations.

What we found was very illuminating – The report is available for download here. Give it a read and let us know what you think. Do these findings fit with what you see within your own organization? What else would you be curious to know about CFO-CMO relationships?




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